Hoe beïnvloedt de ruimte waarin je woont jouw leven? Voel je de muren op je afkomen? Of word jij langzaam geabsorbeerd door wat er aan de andere kant gebeurt? Wat als je slechts een beetje of totaal geen controle meer hebt over de plek waar je het meeste tijd door brengt? En kun je eigenlijk wel van ‘buiten’ spreken- terwijl de digitale wereld binnen handbereik is.

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Elza Jo x Ibrahim


OUTSIDEINSIDEOUT is een limited niet-commerciële publicatie op print en online expo gemaakt door 21 jonge makers, waarvan sommigen op ongebruikelijke plekken onder de meest uiteenlopende omstandigheden leven. Plekken waar zij niet zelf voor gekozen hebben om te zijn. Dit project nodigt jongeren uit zich uit te spreken in plaats dat er over hen gesproken wordt- resulterend in een platform waar ze zich kunnen verbinden met de ervaringen van anderen. Als een tijdsdocument dat reist over grenzen, voorbij zoom links en sociale afstand 

OUTSIDEINSIDEOUT is het resultaat van een co-creatie project tussen lokale kunstenaars, jongeren, studenten en maatschappelijke organisaties en lokale instituten in Amsterdam en Manchester.

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Do the spaces you live in impact your life? Are the walls around you fixed? Or do you slowly absorb what’s on the other side? What happens when you have little or no control over the place you spend most of your time? Does it shape who you think you are? And can you even speak of an ‘outside’ — when you have the world at your fingertips?

OUTSIDEINSIDEOUT is a limited non-commercial print publication and online expo made by 21 young creatives, some of whom live in unusual places due to various circumstances. Places they did not always choose voluntarily. It is the result of a co-creation project between local artists, social organisations and local institutions based in Amsterdam and Manchester.

The project invites young people to speak out rather than be spoken about, resulting in a platform where they can connect with the experiences of others. As a document of the time shared across borders and zoom links and social distance we live through, it explores how the world around us and how our (temporary) homes, our streets, our cities affect our mental health and the way we feel about our lives, in both the positive and negative sense.

Several artists contributed to the zine and gallery. Elza Jo created collage portraits based on personal interviews that serve as an introduction to the participants. Raul Balai taps into themes such as care, protection and punishment to reflect rules and regulations within a broader framework. In the advertorial sections Jan Hoek talks about what he defines as outsider art as part of OUTSIDERWEAR, a collaboration with Duran Lantink en Theater LeBelle — and architect Ribal shares his perspective of living in seven different AZC’s (asylum seeker centres). We invited philosopher Babah Tarawally to be the first to respond to the zine as part of the preface. His response is an invite to everyone that is moved by this project to do the same here. Klik HERE to presave the dialogue link.

Expect a mash-up of art, letters, hopes, dreams and emotions — just like the brains, hands and hearts of those who produce them. A small, simple format that belies the unique ability to speak creatively (and loudly) for even the softest voices. As a collective we are constantly guided by those communities and individuals, who ground our work in real-life experience, huge knowledge and immense understanding of the sensitivities of emotive issues. All too often these subjects are kept away from public view and debate. We exist to change that.

The zine is not for sale and will exclusively be distributed on request to organisations and individuals that support the cause and handed to a selection of Dutch care policy makers as an open invite to explore the world from the makers’ point of view.

19/4 | OUTSIDEINSIDEOUT | EXPO LAUNCH | Click HERE to save the expo link
On the 19th of April the online OUTSIDEINSIDEOUT expo will be launched, coinciding with the beginning of MINDSCAPES — five brand new artworks and online events happening in Manchester from 19th April until 16th May 2021, presented by SICK! Festival and supported by DutchCulture in partnership with the Dutch Embassy in the UK.

On the 27th of April (19:30 BST (UK Time) / 20:30 CEST (NL Time) members of Theater DEGASTEN chat with the people who helped them create OUTSIDEINSIDEOUT. Members of Theater DEGASTEN chat about adolescence and architecture, bedrooms, beauty and social media with the people who helped them create a new online Zine for MINDSCAPES. Whilst creating their new projects, our MINDSCAPES commissioned artists worked with individuals and communities from across Manchester who have deep personal or professional knowledge of the relationship between mental health and the places they live. For more click HERE.




Basak + Yusuf
Mimosa + Annie
Cara + Mollie
Rosa + Sabri
Luna + Dionne
Cara + Ellie
Jazzy + Ieke
Sam + Mimosa
Soumaya + Emily
Revellinho + Jamie
Basak + Mohamed
Ibrahim + Rutger
Mimosa + Yorusalem
(teams of co-creators)

Elza Jo
Raul Balai
Babah Tarawally

Duran Lantink
Jan Hoek

Academie voor Theater en Dans
Theater LeBelle
Stichting De Vrolijkheid
Stichting Nowhere
Swiiss Foster Care

Aike Jansen (AMS)
Elike Roovers (AMS)
Madelon van Riel (AMS)
Rutger Esajas (AMS)
Sènami Awunou (AMS)

Basak Layic (AMS)
Cara Looij (MCR)
Emily van Zoonen (AMS)
Dionne Gillis (AMS)
Jamie Huisman (AMS)
Jazzy van Wersch (AMS)
Mimosa Ricketts (MCR)
Rosa Gooij (AMS)
Quinsy Gario (AMS)

Further details about press-moments moments will be shared in the next press-release. For images download our presskit here. The name of the makers of each image are in the description. Please remember to mention individual makers credits.

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