Bezoekersverslag OUT OF ORDER

Door Basak Layic

“It’s as if these young people are trying to establish themselves in the world, and once they understand the rules, when they are free and safe, someone pulls the rug out from under their feet, so they have to start once again. Like the mouse and the cat, it’s an endless game of chase.

‘Out of Order’ is a performance with no linear dramatic structure, a performance full of chaos and packed with emotions and visually striking scenes. As I am leaving the theatre I feel emotionally tired but at the same time energized. Tired, because I felt these youngsters search for identity and meaning deep inside me. Energized because this performance reminded me of what being alive means at its very core.

The tragedy of the artist: always pushing your limits to go a step further. Your whole sense of worth depends on how well you are doing your craft. I’m watching a fight between an artist and his art. It’s funny and heartbreaking at the same time.”


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