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About degasten

Compilation video DEGASTEN productions 2012 – 2016.

DEGASTEN is an Amsterdam based youth theatre group. DEGASTEN creates raw interdisciplinary montage theatre with youngsters (12-25 years). Every season 70 youngsters are being accepted during the audition day in September. These youngsters are divided into 4 different groups that have weekly theatre trainings: two training groups, one production group and one performance group. With each group, DEGASTEN develops customized performances, productions and presentations.

Diversity is something that runs into the company’s veins. It plays a big role in the mission statement, in the style of work and in the composition of the staff, the youngsters and the audience. The stories and the disciplines of the performances are diverse, because DEGASTEN thinks that everyone has the right to take cognizance of culture and art; as a participant or as an audience.

DEGASTEN guides talented youngsters to find their way into art schools, follow-up courses and the (semi) professional field of work. On a yearly base, approx. 27% of the students move on to other fields of theatre and arts.


We the People

We the People plays on friday 19th of January in Kunstlinie Almere Flevoland.

In the weekend of 2 & 3 february is DEGASTEN special in Frascati in Amsterdam

Would like to do Audtion? Sign in here!


Fair Play

In collaboration with the Anne Frank Foundation, DEGASTEN has developed an interactive performance for high schools students, called ‘Fair Play’. This performance is in Dutch. Book here!

Activity map of DEGASTEN in Amsterdam, 2015

DEGASTEN-activiteiten-kaart-2015facts and figures 2015

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What’s on

Trainingsgroepen weekly rehearsels

Our trainingsgroups are rehearsing every week in Studio West en Nowhere. The Audition day will be held around half of September. Interested in more info? Please contact us at:

Join in & auditions


The audition day is held on Saturday September 17th 2016. Sign up now!


In collaboration with the Anne Frank Foundation, DEGASTEN has developed an interactive performance for high schools students, called ‘Fair Play’. This performance creates food for thought about the themes: prejudices, discrimination and group behavior. [link naar educatie pagina] Book here!

Since 2003, DEGASTEN is creating educational performances, workshops and talks, made to measure every school with students between the ages of 12 and 19. Here you can read all about it!

Friend of DEGASTEN

DEGASTEN is a small organization with a big goal: to be there for all kind of youngsters who want to do something with theatre in their lives.

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(p/a Podium Mozaiek)
Bos en Lommerweg 191
1055 DT Amsterdam
Tel: 0612608072 (Farnoosh, financial leader)

Our creative collective consists of:

Elike Roovers – artistic leader en director –
Rutger Esajas – Teacher and co-director –
Farnoosh Farnia – Financial leader– – tel +31 (0)612608072
Maral Khajeh -Project leader and production – tel +31 (0)646270284                                                                                                     Sheralynn Adriaansz – – tel +31 (0)617312044
Education – Mara van Nes –
Maartje Hagar Treep – PR –