Theater DEGASTEN is an Amsterdam based youth theatre group, creating raw, physical montage theatre with youngsters aged between 12-25 years. The shows are based on the experience of the young actors and expose topical issues. They bring there own stories which DEGASTEN transform into histrionic translations. DEGASTEN is always exploring the voice in theatre in this time of age en don’t eschew the confrontation.

Diversity is something that runs into the company’s veins. It plays a big role in the mission statement, in the style of the work and in the composition of the staff, the youngsters and the audience. The stories and the disciplines of the performances are diverse because DEGASTEN thinks that everyone has the right to take cognizance of culture and art; as a participant or as an audience.

DEGASTEN guides talented youngsters to find their way into art schools, follow-up courses and the (semi) professional field of work. More info? Please send an email at info@theaterdegasten.nl