In a time of social isolation,
how can we connect?
When you can’t touch,
share a physical space nor make eye contact…
When walls are separating us,
but we have words to say and songs to sing.
Can we still be heard?

We are a group of young people with different nationalities that work together every week to make performances. We asked each other big questions, like: What is connection? Where is home? How can we feel that we belong? Then a virus locked us in our houses, and these questions became more relevant than ever. We wish we could share with you what we’ve done so far while breathing in the same air. Instead, we created a video for you and a proposal to stay connected. So pour yourself a cup of tea, sit down in your favorite chair and let us take you into a story. From the comfort of our houses into yours…

Parallel to this video we created a chain of letters. You might be here because you received one of the letters.